“Black Babies”: Candy With Odious Title Made Here, Baltimore, 1947

(The Baltimore Afro- American, 8/2/1947)


Candy With Odious Title Made Here

“Oh we’ve been making them for years and years,” said the woman manager at Fred Foos’ local candy concern Thursday, concerning the “Black Babies” delicacy the company circulates in Baltimore and Washington.

Informed that certain segments of the population heartily deplore the advertisement of such derogatory titles on candy, the woman then hastily explained that Mr. Foos was on vacation, and she really could not comment upon the matter.

Quickly Loses Authority

A moment before, she hod insisted that Mr. Foos had left her in complete charge of the business during his absence.

The candy company, which has its plant in Baltimore, is located at 1505 W. Baltimore St.

On the cover of the “Black Babies” box are eight nude statues of ebony dolls with dots of white for eyes, noses and mouths.

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