Baltimore As It Was: The Work Of Photographer Tom Scilipoti

Photographic Memory: Tom Scilipoti has been documenting Baltimore for over 50 years By Rafael Alvarez (Baltimore City Paper, 10/23/2013)“…In 1966, Scilipoti was taking his camera everywhere, capturing images of a once-thriving and long-gone manufacturing city: coal-fired tugboats, burly stevedores unloading bananas on Pratt Street, the mammoth breweries on O’Donnell Street, and African-American road crews.


A patron stands in front of the Gayety Theater (now the Hustler Club) on The Block.In his book and DVD, Baltimore Picture Perfect, photographer Thomas C. Scilipoti captured Baltimore in the ’50s and ’60s.

“Tom was one of the first white photographers to take pictures of black people going about their daily business,” says Jacqueline Watts, former editor of The Baltimore Guide newspaper, which has been publishing Scilipoti’s photos—for free—for over 60 years.” Continue reading “Photographic Memory” at Baltimore City Paper.

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