Atomic TV’s Christmas at Ground Zero

Santa spills his cookies in Atomic TV's "Christmas at Grund Zero" episode.

Santa spills his cookies in Atomic TV’s “Christmas at Ground Zero” episode.


“No more cookies!,” Santa pleads during his KAOS Lap Dance. “Santa like milk better!”

It’s that time of year again, time to jump into the Wayback Machine and watch Atomic TV‘s 1997 “Christmas at Ground Zero” episode on Vimeo!

Watch “Christmas at Ground Zero” (Atomic TV)

Atomic TV’s Holiday at Ground Zero Episode from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Episode description: “We put the X in Xmas when a politically incorrect Santa Claus comes to Atomic Books to teach Atomic TV’s elfin Tiny Tom and Scott “Scrooge” Huffines the true meaning of Christmas: pure and unadulterated sleaze. When he’s not thumbing through ANAL PLEASURE & HEALTH at Atomic Books, randy Santa is visiting strip clubs to get lap dances from surgically augmented dancers (on Donna, on Vixen!)… spanking bad go-go gals with his big peppermint candy cane… listening to the raucous rock caroling of local troubadors Garage Sale and The Krudz… and getting plastered on cheap brewskis before passing out in a pool of his own sick… Also see the incredible Boumi Temple Shriners and Howard Stern nutcase Suzanne Muldowney (Underdog Lady) take part in the Mayor’s Annual Holiday Parade in Baltimore’s White Trash Mecca, Hampden… see James Brown literally go straight to the ghetto for holiday cheer, see Joe Friday lay a nativity Dragnet to snare the missing baby Jesus, plus enjoy vintage Christmas cartoons and drive-in trailers!” – Atomic TV

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