Bauernschmidt Manor – ‘B’ is for Beer in Baltimore

‘B’ is for Beer in Baltimore
Brewers can trace history back to Essex, Middle River area.

By Keith Roberts (Essex Patch, 4/11/2011)

“…The Bauernschmidt families were very famous brewers of beer here in Baltimore. A tradition they brought with them from their Bavarian roots. George Bauernschmidt built a brewing empire in Baltimore starting in 1864 with the founding of his George Bauernschmidt Beer brand.

He continued the brewery for more than 30 years becoming one of the most popular brews in Baltimore, eventually bringing his sons into the operation. The years passed by and wanting to slow down and enjoy life a little more, George sold the business in 1898. The sale of the business; however, angered his son Frederick so much that the younger Bauernschmidt started his own brewery.”

Bauernhurst2.jpgBauerhschmidt summer homeBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt Manor
Bauernhurst (Bauernschmidt) ManorBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt ManorBauernschmidt Manor

Bauernschmidt Manor, a set on Flickr.

“…Fred and Agnes began building what we now call the Manor House sometime around 1905. It is rumored that bricks used for the foundation of the house came from buildings that were destroyed in the great Baltimore fire of 1904.

They lived in the home during summer months and hosted many parties and fundraisers there for their favorite charities. Many of Baltimore’s wealthiest residents attended these functions.

The large beautiful two-story home was probably completed sometime in 1906. It contained 15 spacious rooms and four fireplaces. The red slate roof was adorned with a huge cupola that was supported by brick columns 3 feet wide. The cupola offered a spectacular view of Middle River and the Chesapeake Bay. A large wrap-around, columned porch surrounds three sides of the building and that porch supports a balcony for the second floor.”

Read “‘B’ is for Beer in Baltimore” at Essex Patch.

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3 Responses to Bauernschmidt Manor – ‘B’ is for Beer in Baltimore

  1. Anonymous says:

    And now it’s for sale—The House that Beer Built.–3

  2. Michael Salemi says:

    Appreciate the article. Thanks for historical information. They were my great and great great grandparents on my mother’s side. My cousin has a bottle of beer from a hundred years ago.
    My 96 year old aunt remembers going there as a child. Three Baerenschmidt sisters married 3 Hohman brothers. The Hohmans had a butcher stall in Lexington Market.

  3. Dani Rice says:

    I have several bottles from the Bauernschmidt Brewery. My Mum told me that when my grandfather got laid off from the B&O, he applied for a job as a night watchman at a German brewery in Baltimore. Apparently there were two German fellows who applied for the job, and the owner said he’d hire both of them to split the job any way they saw fit. My grandfather worked every other week – for $17. I have no way of knowing, but I wonder if this was where he worked?

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