Baltimore’s George Washington monument has ‘creepy eyes’

What’s up with George Washington’s creepy eyes?

By Kevin Litten (Baltimore Business Journal, 7/2/2014)


Photo — Kevin Litten

After getting an up-close look at George Washington’s face Monday at the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon, I kept coming back to the same question.

What’s up with those creepy eyes?

The founding father’s wide, googly-eyed stare was not what I expected. It certainly wasn’t the gentle gaze depicted in the Gilbert Stuart portraits we’ve come to know.

In fact, as I searched for images of people known for, ahem, unusually-oriented eyes, I realized Baltimore’s version of George Washington looks a lot more like the late actor Jack Elam than the father of our country. Elam was known both for his frequent depiction of evil characters in western , and for having what the New York Times called a “leer, bulging eye” that “conveyed villainy as surely as [Jimmy] Durante’s nose suggested humor.”

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