Baltimore’s Kathy MacDonald: March 1969 Playmate of the Month

HOMING PIGEON — A high-flying bird who migrates regularly between our Montreal hutch and her Maryland family

(Playboy, 3/1969)

Baltimore’s Kathy MacDonald: March 1969 Playmate of the Month (NSFW)

“It’s just the way I am,” explains Kathy MacDonald-our nonconformist Miss March — when companions point out the contradictions in her quicksilver personality. Her favorite meal matches brook trout with a hearty Beaujolais; she’s a seashore aficionado who’s loved her two years in inland Montreal; and, while most of her sister Montreal Bunnies jet out for weekends in Bermuda or New York, Kathy prefers to fly home for a quiet visit with her family in suburban Baltimore. Typically for Kathy, she came by her cottontail on impulse: “After I left the University of Maryland, where I had been studying nursing, I decided to become a stewardess. But the day before my interview in Baltimore, Mom saw an ad saying the Baltimore Playboy Club needed Bunnies. ‘Why don’t you go and see what it’s like?’ she asked me — jokingly, I thought. Of course, I never got to the airline interview at all. The Club personnel liked me and I loved the Club — right away.” Kathy put in a year and a half as a Baltimore Bunny before hopping up to Montreal. “I thought I’d just spend a winter up here, learning how to ski,” Miss March says, “but Montreal’s charm is magnetic. I found an ancient, tiny apartment with stained-glass windows and huge, real beams in the ceiling.” Enthusiastic as she is about her newfound home away from home, Kathy still talks about new horizons — she has her eye on Los Angeles and its Bunny butch, in particular but, then, Kathy wouldn’t be Kathy without a fresh place to explore.

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