“Median Stripper” Twerks on Holabird Ave. in Dundalk, Maryland

“Median Stripper” Twerks on Holabird Ave. in Dundalk, Maryland from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Omw To Wotk & This Is Wat I C SMH ‪#SAYNO2DRUGS‬ — Tori Young, Facebook

Dundalk truly puts the strip in median strips. Thanks to Tori Young for uploading this classic “only in Dundalk” moment to Facebook on May 16, 2015!


Unidentified bikini-clad woman dances on Dundalk median strip

The erratically twerking woman even pulled her bikini bottom down to expose her buttcrack – perhaps an homage to the Coppertone Girl?


The Coppertone Girl

The Coppertone Girl

Dundalk’s Coppertone Girl appears to have a regular gig twerking at this intersection, returning later to dance in the rain, as captured in yet another motorist’s cell phone video:

“Median Stripper” Twerks on Holabird Ave. in Dundalk, Maryland Part 2 from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

“Any of yall see this bitch on Dundalk Ave earlier? only in dundalk #DontDoDrugsKids” – D.J. Stackz Herndon, Facebook

During the Preakness, a cop on patrol spotted her at Holabird and Dundalk Ave and uploaded the following pic to his Instagram account (shamus@52.shamus), along with the comment “Say no to drugs kids.” (At least say no to crack, kids – butt crack, that is!)


Looking at Shamus’s photo above, we wonder if the twerk perp is standing outside another nearby Dundalk landmark, the corner bar that used to be Bill’s Cafe. In 2013, bar owner Nicolaos Trintis was charged with sexually molesting his barmaid’s 10-year-old daughter (who lived with her mother in an apartment above the bar) over a period of three years, starting in 1979. In April of this year, Trintis was convicted by a jury of more than a dozen counts of third-degree child sex abuse and four counts of sexual child abuse; he is due to be sentenced June 24, 2015.

Sightseers interested in checking out Dundalk’s answer to Cirque du Soleil should head down to the intersection of Holabird and Dundalk Avenue. The median strip there even affords the terpischorean tart  a traffic light pole to pole-dance, should the spirit move her.

And speaking of pole dancing and scantily-clad Dundalk hons, here’s a “in a class of its own” Dundalk Yard Sale in front of what used to be the Memories strip club on North Point Boulevard:

Dundalk Yard Sale

The gals here were so “hot” that the club burned down.

Perhaps the Dundalk dancer’s bikini will some day end up here, next to all those baby car seats. (It’s not unthinkable. Baltimore Or Less has spotted used thongs for sale at a Middlesex Shopping Center thrift store!)

The Holabird Stripper has already been immortalized as the Holabird Strip on the menu of the nearby Boulevard Diner (where we like our strip served median-rare!), as shown below:

Holabird Strip

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t take this occasion to send a musical shout-out to Dundalk’s median stripper courtesy of Crack the Sky, whose “She’s a Dancer” could easily be her theme song.

  “Alright! I like the way she moves: she’s a dancer!”

“Median Stripper” Twerks on Holabird Ave. in Dundalk, Maryland from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Via Tori Young on Facebook

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