Off Duty Officer Has a Ball – Bites Baltimore Man’s Testicles on Cinco de Mayo

By Saliqa Khan (WBAL-TV, 5/6/2015)

truckballsAn Anne Arundel County police officer faces an assault charge after he bit another man’s testicles in a fight over a woman on Cinco de Mayo, according to charging documents released by police Wednesday.

According to charging documents, a man told police he was assaulted by two men, one of whom bit his testicles in the alley behind Looney’s Pub in the 2900 block of O’Donnell Street.

According to the charging documents, police said Michael Flaig, 31, was found on the second floor of the bar with blood stains on his shirt. Flaig identified himself as an Anne Arundel County police officer and after he was identified as one of the attackers, was placed under arrest, according to charging documents.

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Anne Arundel officer accused of biting testicle in fight

By WMAR Staff (5/6/2015)

“…Investigators learned Flaig and the victim started to argue outside on O’Donnell Street after the victim saw Flaig allegedly rubbing his butt on the butt of a woman the victim knows.

The victim decided to go home a short time later and as he walked along South Linwood near Looney’s he heard foot steps behind him and turned around to see a fist coming toward him, according to charging documents.

The victim lowered his head to avoid the punch and grabbed the arm of his attacker, later identified as Flaig, pulling him to the ground.

Police said the victim outweighed Flaig and ended up straddling Flaig. At the same time another man was hitting the victim.

Flaig was unable to get free and allegedly bit the victim in the testicle area, according to charging documents.

When police spoke with Flaig, he was slurring his words, had bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol, charging documents indicate. Flaig told Baltimore Police he is an officer with the Anne Arundel County Police Department.”

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Anne Arundel police officer charged with biting man’s testicles

By Jessica Anderson (The Baltimore Sun, 5/6/2015)

“…City police officers wrote that Flaig had blood stains on his blue and white Polo shirt. While being interview by police, he identified himself as a Anne Arundel County police officer.”

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