A Divine idea for a Baltimore monument?

A group says tourists would flock to a tribute on the site of the best-known scene in a John Waters cult classic

The spot where John Waters filmed Divine downing those dog droppings in “Pink Flamingos” deserves to be promoted, fans say. Photo by: moviesteve.com

The spot where John Waters filmed Divine downing those dog droppings in “Pink Flamingos” deserves to be promoted, fans say. (Photo by: moviesteve.com)

By Ed Gunts (Baltimore Brew, October 1, 2015)

Philadelphia has its Rocky statue. Detroit is building one to commemorate the 1987 cyberpunk film RoboCop.

And Baltimore needs a monument to honor John Waters and Divine?

That’s the idea behind a proposal for the city’s newest public monument, which is inspired by a scene from filmmaker Waters’ 1972 movie, Pink Flamingos.

Yes, that scene where Divine, a 300-pound transvestite playing “The Filthiest Person Alive,” eats fresh dog droppings (actual ones) off a Baltimore sidewalk.

Now a group of Waters and Divine fans wants to commemorate that moment in cinematic history – and add a transgressive destination to Baltimore’s tourist map – by creating a monument that marks the spot.

Here it is. (Photo credit: animalnewyork.com)

Here it is. (Photo credit: animalnewyork.com)

Proponents floated the idea of a “Pink Flamingos Monument” during a recent meeting of the Public Art Commission, which reviews proposals for gifts of art and requests to place art on city-owned property.

Some sort of shrine or alcove, they said, could honor Waters and Divine while answering a frequently-asked question: Where was that scene from Pink Flamingos filmed?

The commissioners, who have sat through their share of provocative proposals, listened intently before rendering a verdict.

“I am appalled,” said panel member Elissa Blount-Moorhead, “that it hasn’t happened before.”

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