September of His Years: Tom Warner’s Weekend Trip Down Memory Lane at the Nostalgia Convention

By Tom Warner

(Accelerated Decrepitude, September 17-19, 2015)


Dave Cawley & Gina Houten get ironic with the Bionics

It was the best of times, it was the Fest of times. After a mentally grueling week at the social services factory (aka, The Public Library), I came home Friday night longing for escape from the harsh realities of the Here and Now. Maybe it was the words of one of my library regulars, a Beatles-obsessed middle-aged spinster, ringing in my ears. “I don’t care much for the Modern World,” she explained, when I asked her that day why she loved the Beatles so much. “Those were happier days back then [when the Beatles were together].” (Hmmm, maybe minus the Vietnam War, the Manson Family murders, and the MLK rioting. I’m just saying, everything’s relative…) So it was that I similarly sought solace in a blast from the past, and what better way then to head out for a late-night run through the 10th annual Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention (MANC) being held at the Hunt Valley Wyndham, Thursday through Saturday.

The Gruesome Twosome: "Men about town" Tom Warner & Dave Cawley

The Gruesome Twosome: “Men about town” Tom Warner & Dave Cawley

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