“The Last Time I Go To Baltimore” – Pre AC/DC Rarity

Your party anthem for the weekend!

“The Last Time I Go To Baltimore” – Jackie Christian & Flight

By Jesse Fink (Youtube, 3/16/2015)

tony-currenti2“Jackie Christian & Flight’s “The Last Time I Go To Baltimore” (1974) featuring HIGH VOLTAGE and ’74 JAILBREAK AC/DC drummer Tony Currenti. This was the record Currenti worked on before AC/DC’s debut album. Currenti stayed back with Harry Vanda and George Young to record HIGH VOLTAGE after finishing Jackie Christian & Flight’s recordings. Written and produced by AC/DC and Easybeats legends Vanda & Young. The video features Tony Currenti, Jackie Christian & Flight guitarists Michael Meehan and Phil Doherty, and Vanda & Young.”


“For more info on Tony, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Currenti or https://www.facebook.com/tonycurrentiacdcdrummer. Jackie Christian & Flight was known as Jackie Christian & Target outside Australia and previously went under the names Grapevine and Inheritance.”

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