Patrick Swayze’s Dundalk Hide-A-Way Leather Tee in Point Break

By Jimbo Woodrow Buckler (‎Facebook: I Grew Up in Dundalk, MD, 12/28/2015)


“Did you know that Patrick Swayze wore a Hide-A-Way Leather shirt in a scene in the movie Point Break? As the story goes, a friend of someone who was on the road crew for the band Poison got the call that few people get. Come down, watch the show and then party with the band afterwards. The lucky guy accepted the invite and went to the show. As the party was winding down, that lucky individual got an invite to party with the band the following night. After telling the owner of Hide A Way, being the smart lady that she is, she gave the lucky guy a bag of shirts to take to the band. A couple of weeks later, the band was partying with Patrick Swayze and the cast of Point Break in LA. Rumor has it that the band gave the shirts to Swayze and the cast.”

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3 Responses to Patrick Swayze’s Dundalk Hide-A-Way Leather Tee in Point Break

  1. Jkjoiner says:

    Pretty kool

  2. Anonymous says:

    Supporting Baltimore thanks buddy

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