Baltimore, Maryland WNUV TV 54 Mid-1980s Commercial Breaks


A selection of station breaks that aired during a mid-1980s late-night telecast of DUNE on WNUV 54. Commercials include Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave, The Law Offices of Stephen L. Miles, Luskins, The Crease Bar, Value City Furniture, Reliable Shoes, Druid Electric Co., Katz Insurance, 1-900 Dating and Astrology Ads and more!


WNUV_Hair_Weave2  WNUV_Dune WNUV_SNL WNUV_900AD2 WNUV_900AD1 WNUV_ReliableShoes WNUV_StephenLMiles  WNUV_Crease

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  1. Steven L. Miles…Steven L. Pyle..what’s the difference between them? Steven L. Miles has 2 swimming pools and Steve L. Pyle cleans them.

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