City Paper interviews the “Don Juan of Satanism”

Sociable Satanist: Occult investigator “Dr. Daniel Rumanos” doesn’t need a day job

By Van Smith (Baltimore City Paper, 8/8/2012)

Meeting “Dr. Daniel Rumanos” face-to-face can be somewhat of a letdown. He is, after all, someone who once claimed to cast Satanist spells so that 12-year-old girls would have sex with him and who, when setting up a meeting with a reporter, says, “I will be the one who resembles Rasputin.”

While Rumanos’ appearance may call to mind Grigori “Mad Monk” Rasputin, the oversized, hard-to-kill Russian Orthodox mystic who finally gave up the ghost in 1916, it’s due only to Rumanos’ wispy, graying beard and black clothes. As for the pedophilia claim, which he made on a Christian radio show in the mid-1990s, it was only “performance art,” Rumanos explains. Turns out, Rumanos isn’t really a Satanist but simply a gentle, thoughtful, open-minded deist.

Rumanos, who says he grew up in Baltimore Greektown neighborhood, hands over a business card for his “occult investigations” practice, which lists “demonology, exorcism, psychic research, UFOs, ghosts and hauntings, [and] spellcasting” as his areas of expertise.

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Bob Larson interviews the “Don Juan of Satanism.”

2016 UPDATE:
Rumanos parodies the Essex Day Festival (which BML’s Huffines has no part of…)


“You… you can’t do this, Mr. Huffines,” stammered the Reverend Edgar Walls, Pastor of Central Bible Church, whilst fidgeting with fright in his dark-blue, tailored suit. “It’s blasphemous! Positively blasphemous!”

“I can and will do it, Pastor,” replied Mr. Bruce Huffines with a strange grin. “Your church grounds adjoin the Essex Heritage Museum, of which I am Director, and we shall be using your property for our upcoming festival.”

“But that thing you want to celebrate here,” returned Rev. Walls with a decided shudder. “There is just something ungodly about it, something downright… demonic!”

Even though this meeting was being held in the comfort of the Pastor’s own office, Rev. Edgar Walls felt increasingly uncomfortable. Perhaps the presence of Huffines’s bodyguard, an huge redneck-type individual known as Bubba Johnson, with his heavy arms folded across his sleeveless shirt whilst he stood behind the seated Mr. Huffines on the other side of Walls’s desk, had something to do with that. Nevertheless, there was more, far more, that troubled the harried Reverend. He just sensed something supernaturally wicked about Huffines, and even more so about this object that the latter wished to exhibit upon church property.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Pastor Walls,” Huffines went on. “It is a meteorite, and this festival marks the one-hundredth anniversary of its arrival in our little town of Essex, Maryland.”

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12 Responses to City Paper interviews the “Don Juan of Satanism”

  1. My response to the slanderous antisemitic libel found in Van Smith’s article for the Baltimore City Paper is now available at:

  2. Read the book of horror fiction that City Paper “journalist” Van Smith thinks is real! WEIRD ADVENTURES: SHADOWS OVER BALTIMORE by Dr. Daniel Rumanos!!

  3. Bill Hartley says:

    I need all info you have on Daniel Rumanos he wrote this about where I work and got me fired Let’s get this guy!

  4. Trisha Lester says:

    Bill, you are such an idiot. That’s why I left you. Daniel Rumanos rules!

  5. A fair warning to all. says:

    Step into the light and see that this elderly mentally deranged man, whom refers to himself as Daniel Rumanos, is in fact a serial stalker of young women in the area. The pedophilia claim is not just “performance art”, as he is still to this day a predator of underage women. The younger the better in his mind. There is something seriously wrong with this individual. He should be locked up and given the help he needs, as well as being kept far away from the public. I have experienced this first hand and had countless other young women share their harassment from this intrusive aggressive predator. Stay far away and do not engage with this man for your own personal safety.

    As a side note, he uses the names of real people in his writings. They are just stories. What he writes about these poor individuals does not have anything to do with the truth or their actual character and real lives. Again, these are just science fiction stories he is writing.

  6. Donald Ramanos says:

    You forgot to mention his musty old man smell

  7. David Moran says:

    To “Donald Ramanos”: Yes, you often smell it on your daughter.

  8. Donald Ramanos says:

    To “David Moran” yeah i noticed the smell of failure mixed in with bad body odor and straight away i thought of you.. wonder if this page will be taken down like your monster men interview on youtube they obviously don’t want anything to do with perverts like you.

  9. Errol Flynn says:

    I like my whiskey old and my women young.

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