A Look Back at the Joseph Palczynski Hostage Standoff

2 1/2 hours of of the Joby Palczynski manhunt

WJZ Channel 13 News coverage as the Joseph Palczysnki Hostage Standoff ends

Via AP Archive on Youtube.

NBC News: A Murderous Obsession

A Murderous Obsession: In a case that shook Baltimore in 2000, Joe Palczynski was shot to death at the end of a 10-day siege during which he kidnapped his girlfriend, killed four people and then kidnapped his girlfriend’s parents. His death ended a 10-year reign of terror during which Palczynski terrorized and abused a string of girlfriends and their families, managing, in most cases, to evade the long arm of the law.











Hard luck results in bittersweet prize

Winner: Moved by her story, Howard Stern gave Tracy Whitehead a chance to win big in Las Vegas. She did.
By Ann LoLordo, Linell Smith and Patricia Meisol (Baltimore Sun, January 31, 2001)

A year ago, Tracy Whitehead was planning how to leave her abusive relationship with Joseph Palczynski, a decision that triggered her abduction, the deaths of four bystanders and the terrorizing of her family.

Yesterday she was contemplating how to spend the money she won after “shock jock” Howard Stern was moved by her horrifying story.

Stern flew the Baltimore County woman to Las Vegas as the winner of a hard luck contest he advertised on radio. And on Sunday night, in a Stern-arranged bet, Whitehead won $100,000 in one hand at blackjack.

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5 Responses to A Look Back at the Joseph Palczynski Hostage Standoff

  1. las says:

    Why are women so stupid. ..get smart women.
    Get the hell away from abusive trash

  2. las says:

    Women get smart
    ..quit being stupid…
    First time man lays a hand on you.

    Leave…or you may wind up like tracy

  3. Lilly-Rose says:

    “quit being stupid”… ??? Really? Is it the judgemental one saying that? Not knowing anything about it – other than your stupid imagination – yet doesn’t stop you from opening your mouth against the victims, instead of giving a hand. I SAY YOU KNOW WELL ABOUT STUPIDITY, FOR A GOOD REASON, LASS!!

  4. Alias says:

    Ias you’re an idiot, who knows nothing about this case. His victims were not stupid. Tracy did leave him, that’s why he committed the spree killings and kidnapping. Get some facts, before opening your stupid mouth. You disgust me.

  5. Regina Disney says:

    I Live right around the corner from where a this happened and remember when it was happening in 2000 which is insane. I was younger but still remember it all. Not always men who are trashy or abusive. Women do it more than men. Don’t judge

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