Baltimore Axehole Douses Self with Body Spray, Lights Cigarette, Blows Up Car

Body spray, lit cigarette cause apparent explosion in Woodlawn, police say

By Saliqa A. Khan (WBAL TV, 3/1/2018)

A man was injured and at least two vehicles were damaged in an apparent explosion in Baltimore County.

Police were called around 11:22 a.m. to the parking lot of the Restaurant House in the 1600 block of Whitehead Court in Woodlawn.

A man was inside a company vehicle with the windows down and the ventilation system blowing air out when he used a power stick body spray — a flammable aerosol — and it circulated in the vehicle before he lit a cigarette, police said.

At that time, there was a “sudden, violent expansion of air” that created a booming sound, shook a nearby building and blew open the car trunk, doors and opened the hood, police said.

A nearby vehicle was also damaged, police said.

The victim was walking and talking when first responders arrived, but he was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

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