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  1. dear sirs MY NAME IS SHARON KNICKMAN i am loking forthe news americam paper dated january 30. 1965 tbe reason is that my dad wae kill inRponwva your company run the article the read TRACTOR CRASHES IN TO FOUSE AND KILL DRIVER AND WOMAN IFYOU HAVE THAT ARTICLE CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME THE THEHOLD ARTICLE TO IT MEAN A LOT TO ME BECAUSE I HAVE NOT A THING ON MY DAD PLEASE HELP ME thank you sharon knickma n

  2. Angela says:

    Looking for 1940′s footage from WMAR-TV. Really want a commercial for National Airlines. My grandma is the woman in the commercial. She passed when I was only 2 years old. I do not remember her. I would really love to hear her voice and see her animated.
    I would also love to surprise my mama with a DVD of the commercial.
    Thank you, Angela

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