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Star of Bethlehem lights up steel mill one final time

Decades-old December tradition continues past the death of Sparrows Point By Jamie Smith Hopkins (Baltimore Sun, 12/24/2012) The five-pointed star, made of stainless steel and dozens of heavy-duty light bulbs, looks deceptively simple. Its symbolism is anything but. Not long … Continue reading

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Formstone would be banned on new buildings under proposal

The hand-crafted home siding, started in Baltimore, is prohibited eight times in proposed code By Steve Kilar and Jean Marbella (The Baltimore Sun, 12/1/2012) Frankly fake but authentically Baltimore, the Formstone that swaths many a rowhouse may seem low-brow or … Continue reading

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Hard-core Nostalgia: R. H. Gardner Remembers Old Baltimore

By Peter Kumpa (The Baltimore Sun, 12/12/1990) There was once a Baltimore where one could walk the streets without worrying about getting mugged, where one traveled by street car, when real people lived in the city and those in Glen … Continue reading

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When the Colts left town: the night that lives on in infamy

By Kevin Cowherd (The Baltimore Sun, 3/29/2012) I was there that night. It was 28 years ago, in the snowy, pre-dawn darkness of March 29, that the Mayflower vans rumbled out of Owings Mills and the Baltimore Colts left for … Continue reading

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