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Hampden Christmas Parade 2006

An oldie but goodie from the Baltimore Or Less Christmas archives. Happy Holidays! The Spirit of Christmas Past Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006 It’s that time again…time for the Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade in Hampden and once again the true reason for … Continue reading

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Old Hampden/New Hampden

Seeing last night’s “The Day the Earth Stood Cool” episode of “The Simpsons” – in which Homer’s cool neighbors from Portland, OR, transform Springfield into a Mecca of Hip – made me reflect about our own cool neighborhood of the … Continue reading

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Denise Gets a New Pair of Glasses

Denise wouldn’t listen to us—the people who live here—but she had a change of heart in front of someone who will put her exploitation of real Baltimoreans in several million living rooms. By Rafael Alvarez (Baltimore Patch, November 7, 2011) … Continue reading

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“Friends In Low Places” Baltimore excerpt from PEOPLE LIKE US: SOCIAL CLASS IN AMERICA (2001)

In America, social class is the elephant in the room that nobody says exists, but it’s hard to ignore in Baltimore, whose blue collar charms have been given national exposure via the films of Barry Levinson and John Waters. This … Continue reading

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