Best Reason Not to Watch WJZ-TV News: Marty Bass

Best Reason Not to Watch WJZ-TV: Marty Bass
(Baltimore City Paper, 1996 “Best of Baltimore” issue, 9/18/1996)

There are so many reasons it’s hard to pick just one. There’s the phony Sally Thorner, the grating Richard Sher, the faux-ditzy Denise Koch, the genuinely ditzy Stan Saunders, the plastic Kai Jackson, and the evil station management that allows these clowns to pass as journalists and shamelessly frees up news time to plug other WJZ programs. As bad as all that is, though, it pales in comparison to Marty Bass. No one else on local TV, or perhaps on the planet, is so unabashedly pleased with himself, and for no good reason. His loud and rambling weather reports serve only as vehicles to hog airtime, and afterward you don’t have a clue whether to take the umbrella or leave it home. Plus his hyper, “Look at me! Look at me!” performances on WJZ’s morning programs are a daily embarrassment (or oughta be) to the station and to Bass’ coanchor, the sedate Don Scott. At least the plug has been pulled on the nightly newscast’s inane “Mondo Basso” segments, which were anything but mondo and were full of Bass mugging for the camera. After two decades at WJZ, it doesn’t look as if Bass will be heading back to his native Texas any time soon, but we can always hope.

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53 Responses to Best Reason Not to Watch WJZ-TV News: Marty Bass

  1. Don Whomsley says:

    I agree 100% !
    When I first tuned in over 20 years ago, he had his feet up on the desk. the bottom of his boots filled the screen. What an arrogant ass I thought. Never liked him from that moment on. Always flip the channel to watch the weather.

  2. Marty drives BML’s Tom Warner crazy, but I love Marty, I think he’s a Baltimore treasure and he’s earned his wings as a true Baltimoron. He offered to buy Tom a beer but Tom has yet to accept!

  3. i know where double dutch started and how it got its name phone nuber on your anser masine

  4. I am one of thousands out of work i have been looking long and hard

  5. nevermind says:

    you all did realize this is satire?

  6. Lisa says:

    I love Marty and Don. Kai has the cutest eyebrows. Mary Bubala is so pretty. Denise is an icon. Poor Derrick is always in the rain. The blonde chick that does the weather needs to lay off the ash, her hair looks green, and it is not my tv. Jessica is the sweetest thing. I watch every morning and night. I feel like they are part of my family. And, yes, I do have a life.

  7. Dr. Elbert V. Coulson says:

    I did some shows with Don Scott and Marty Bass in Baltimore and others around 1979 – 1980’s Era. We all had on the same color jackets during the filming. I had a copy of the shows on tape, but lost them. If anyone can obtain copies of the shows I did on T.V. on Channel 2, 11, and would be appreciate. There is a reward provided by me for their efforts in getting me copies of the T.V Shows I did on all three Channels 2,11 and 13 in Baltimore. Or any of the shows I did. Sincerely, I am Elbert V. Coulson.

  8. P faust says:

    The morning show would be much better if Marty Bass would do the interviews and stop making everything about him.It is very annoying!!!

  9. disgusted says:

    Marty “the ass” Bass should have been fired a long time ago. The problem is there
    are no real serious weather forcasters on any of Baltimore’s three major stations for
    the noon news. Nothing but cutsie, “tits and ass” bimbos that station managers hire.
    Give me a BREAK! How blatantly sexist can you get!!

    • Eugene Kramer says:

      I love WJZ news I been watching them for years now and there is no news better than WJZ news they have the hottest girls on there other news stations are not for me don’t know why you people put bad stuff about our news family if it wasn’t from our WJZ news we wouldn’t know what is going on in the world so people please keep all the hate and comments to your self you would not like it if people post bad things about you on the Internet sorry but people like you should know be allowed to be on the Internet take a good look in the mirror before you start saying something about others WJZ thank you for being the best news stations in the world love you WJZ

  10. Ward Wensch says:

    I have been watching WJZ-TV since moving to Baltimore in 1977 and have been a loyal watcher ever since. Sure, at first I watched the news programs on the other channels, but gravitated to WJZ and stayed there. WJZ News has been a part of my family for 37 years. Some of WJZ’s watchers really do like the Eye Witness News gang. If I’m home at meal time, the TV is tuned to WJZ-TV Eye Witness News, Channel 13.

  11. I’m a WJZ loyalist since I was a kid in the 70s with Jerry Turner and Al Sanders. I watch Channel 45 at ten then switch to Channel 13 at 11pm.

  12. Marge Tennyson says:

    I love Marty & Don! I have been watching them for 30+ yrs and will miss seeing Don tremendously!! Happy for him, but not for me…I wish him all the best and a well deserved retirement! I love them together because they are so “natural” and speek freely rather than the other stations where they look like zombies reading from a script, no comparison.

  13. Connie Sweitzer says:

    When I moved to Maryland from California in 1979 I was miserable. I didn’t want to be in Maryland or anywhere on the east coast but here I was and nothing I could do about it. It was the family at WJZ-13 that I looked forward to everyday to maintain my sanity. Over the past 35 years I found I could relate to the anchors and reporters (to include weather and sports). They were funny and human. They let you see a side of them rarely seen on other stations. I was heart broken when Jerry then Al died. Was overjoyed when Denise had here twins. I miss Richard Sher, Sally, Kai, Bernadette and now Don Scott and the many others that have come and gone. I remember fondly the little lady from the Grey Foxes (think that was it) who use to update us on senior citizen issues and events and the movie reviews (if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t that Denise Koch’s first reporting with WJZ). Marty is a hoot! He keeps me in stitches. And now that I am retired, I get to watch WJZ four times a day. With all the news stations available to us these days, WJZ is still at the top of my list and always will be. I just cannot imagine a day without them. So, to WJZ, thanks for the memories, past, present and future. BTW, still not a fan of Maryland or the east coast – cannot seem to shake that California dust off my shoes.

  14. Bryan Metzger says:

    For news and such my favorite local station has always been WJZ…most of my network tv also. I was a huge Marty Bass fan back “in-the-day”. I loved his segment called “Catchin’ Bass”. But somewhere along the line he just became annoying. That being said, the WJZ morning show is still better than the rest around here. I do miss Don Scott. He managed…usually…to keep Mr. Bass in check. Now he kind of just rolls like a freight train over everything.

  15. Kathy Backstrom says:

    Marty Bass needs to retire. He was never at the top of my list, but since Don Scott retired, it is quite obvious that his time has gone…..

  16. John says:

    When I decided to establish my roots here in Maryland some years ago, I used to watch WJZ with enthusiasm. But after watching and listening to Marty Bass for a spell, I switched to another network so I didn’t have to deal with MB. The biggest problem I see with him (and the station) is that Bass loves himself way too much and it so shows on the air and in public. This is unfortunate and it’s time Bass needs to leave the station.

  17. 1stJimbo says:

    Why is it that the people with the least amount of talent have the biggest mouths? Tell me Mr. Bass, is that your true personality or are you auditioning for your next job as a carnival barker? Talk about the poster child for narcissism, this little shrimp needs to wear cowboy boots so people wouldn’t mistake him for a midget. Chances are that WJZ’s Marty Bass would never find o job outside the Baltimore market because other people wouldn’t stand for his idiotic, loud mouth, egocentric, no talent approach to broadcast news. Do us all a favor Marty, ride off into the sunset and learn how to speak the English language.

  18. Carole says:

    I was born & raised in Maryland & as far back as I can remember my parents were loyal to WJZ news. It was sad to lose Jerry & Al as they seemed like brothers from another mother. As for Don Scott & Marty…I’ve met both on the outside. Don is very nice, quiet & seems to go with the flow. As for Marty (although he’s full of himself, aren’t most men) his personality has always been on the wild side. Marty kept me awake during the morning news where as listening to Don Scott, (so monotone) I could fall asleep.
    Denise is wonderful. Bob Turk & Marty are icons of Maryland & not going anywhere.

  19. bobacton says:

    ISIS Taking credit for Texas event…..I would say let the games begin it looks like us 2 isis 0

  20. Jazz88 says:

    I remember Marty telling us one year we’d get a light dusting…..we got 18 inches that year!

  21. Elbert V. Coulson says:

    Dear Renee, Anything you can do to help me recover copies of these T.V. shows on channels 2, 11, and 13 in Baltimore would be appreciated. Thank you for your interest in this matter. It matters for me if I can recover the tapes from these T.V. shows.

  22. Kitty Canter says:

    I Love WJZ and everyone of the cast from 4:30 AM till I go to bed at night. I LOVE MARTY BASS, Jessica and new Lynn and Mary and Sharon with traffic. I don’t always agree with everyone but I Love them all new babies new people. Tim and Gigi love them all they brighten my day but mostly MARTY AND JESSICA AND MARY CAUSE IT’S WHAT THEY DO. <3

  23. Kelley Y says:

    I really like watching on Saturday morning. Tim and Gigi are great together. They make me laugh so much I’m watching now and Tim is teasing her about not having a Christmas tree yet. They make a great team

  24. paula-Aberdeen, Md says:

    yes Marty bass is annoying he is so full of himself braggadociousin many ways. the thing to do with Smarties as is to try to tune him out but somewhere it feels like when he’s talking all that BS in the morning or it really doesn’t have to be in the morning anytime his mouth is moving it’s a bunch of crap!

  25. Elbert V. Coulson,Jr. says:

    I am still trying to find those tapes which I recorded with Channel 2. 11, and 13. Years ago. I will pay you for the tapes. Somebody help me. With Much Appreciation, Elbert Coulson 26 N. Reed Street, Bel Air, MD 21014

  26. tom carter says:

    marty bass is a very unpleasant person. I have met him and he is very insulting and rude. I turn off wjz as soon as he is off the air. his scandal years ago does not help.

  27. tom carter says:

    I meant as soon as he is on the air

  28. William J eyon says:

    That was when he attempted to pick up what he thought was a prostitute and ended up being a police woman. He told the judge he was doing a story and wanted to get into her head not get some head…Sure Marty.

  29. Does fred d really give judy c (many aka’s) a few hundred dollars a day to hurt me about my son they have not allowed to come home for 3 years? Please pray for my son and I and other family members and friends.

    When are smart meters coming to Baltimore City? Will they improve security of families?

  30. Howard sirkis says:

    A friend of mine recently found out that he had advanced kindey cancer.They both sit in the same section at M&T stadium.My friend had a extra ticket to a game this past year and invited me to go with him. Marty came over to my friend and expressed his concern for my friends well being.He is not a bad guy.My friend was operated on and Marty came to the hospital many times to see him.

  31. Maryanne Turner says:

    Sorry, this,is and always has been my favorite news station. I like the banter, the friendliness.
    I do not like NBC much and I REFUSE to watch Fox.

  32. Diane Ingram says:

    The only complaint I have is they repeat the same news three days in a row.

  33. Kevin says:

    Growing up in the 80’s and into the 90’s with a fascination for weather I have to come to the defense of Marty Bass. We would call him on the phone and ask him about weather. He was so nice to us kids and took a lot of time explaining things to us. Other weatherman were also very nice. Several were not but Mr. Bass always had time for us and answered all our questions. He was extremely friendly and encouraged us on.

  34. Frank Supiot says:

    I’ve always liked what Marty Bass provided, unlike the old school teacher masked as a weatherman. I was always a favorite of WBAL, but when they put their future behind Andre Hepkins a few months ago, I picked up our remote. His constant eye movement is very unwatchable.

  35. kathy kelly says:

    I do not like and have never liked Marty Bass–he is a blabbermouth moron. I love when Denise Koch shuts him up when he is running his mouth. Why is he even on air????
    Years ago I called WPOC radio and asked Laurie DeYoung how she can put up with his big mouth every day on air?????????????? It is beyond me.

  36. Tom Miller says:

    Absolutely agree 100+%.
    Can’t stand this fake weatherman try to tell us about ANYTHING.
    HIS EGO is ridiculous.
    I always turn the channel when he’s babaling

  37. Tom Miller says:


  38. Marty Bass with his perverted personal questions of some female persons he interviews with Don Scott such as asking how they remove unwanted body hair do they shave or use Nair or Neat then claiming he is asking for his wife.

  39. Tony Sarrio says:

    We love Marty like most people in Baltimore. That’s why he has lasted so long. Marty is an icon.. We do understand that some people are so consumed with hate that they can find misery in just about anything. Just like this article. So sad.

  40. Marie Brown says:

    I always loved Marty Bass as a kid. I watched him with my Grandmom when i was young. she loved him. That all changed hen i met him. I had moved to Baltimore city and was walking imagine my surprise when Mr Bass offered me a ride. being amazed at who it was i accepted. In response to my request of a autograph for my Grandmom who loved him he gave it to me with a sunshine drawn on it. Towards the end of that ride i discover what he would like from me. Some sex oh not for the ride or the signature no he was willing to give me 100.00
    That day my love for Mr Bass faded and i have not watched 13 News since

  41. Al Alexander says:

    One morning long before Don Scott retired, Mr. Bass went to the break room. Upon returning, live, on air, he commenced to throwing a childish temper tantrum rant because someone used the last of the sugar and didn’t replace it. He continued his tirade as Don just sat there and observed without comment. Mr. Bass asked Don if he could continue without him as he had to get out of there. Don Scott being the quintessential professional that he was said of course and off went the infant. Don finished the show without a hitch. It was then I came to the conclusion Mr. Bass should have been fired and shown the door. Unfortunately WJZ felt otherwise and continues to pay him. I haven’t watched since. Mr. Bass is an embarrassment at best.

  42. Leslie says:

    Whoever “Cathy Viviana” is, she is most certainly NOT Mark’s wife. So just go away, “Cathy” or whoever you’re pretending to be. liar.

  43. Ronald little says:

    I hope Marty bass when giving the weather dosen,t say there,s a dark cloud over baltimore.cause he will be joining mary.who was let go by cowards.

  44. Steve says:

    In her sharper years, my mother used to say Bass must have had something on somebody in management, in order to be able to keep his job. Disapproval (a charitable word) of him has been uniform among anyone I’ve ever heard from around Baltimore. But when people talk about who they miss from JZ, don’t they ever say they miss Oprah? There are things not to miss about her, but fans of Channel 13 rarely mention her.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Tell the new guy to calm down he not letting yall finish talking before he jump in

  46. iagree marty bass should of been fired along time ago

  47. i grew up watching channel 13 in hanover pa Jerry Turner & Al Sanders an Bob Turk

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