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I (Still) Love Atomic TV

As Scott “Unpainted” Huffines and I prepare to reopen the long sealed Atomic TV vaults for an upcoming monthly screening series at the Golden West Cafe in Hampden that starts this December 30, 2011 (see “Atomic TV’s Holiday Fixins” for … Continue reading

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David Simon: ‘The Wire’ Has Nothing To Apologize For

Show was not a ‘smear’ but a realistic depiction, its creator says By David Simon (The Baltimore Sun, 1/24/2011) (“The Wire” creator David Simon was invited by The Sun to respond to comments made recently by Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick … Continue reading

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John Waters – “Celebrity Ghost Stories”

In each episode of Biography’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” viewers will see several first-person celebrity narratives by respected actors, musical artists, and athletes. Cinematic recreations bring to life the personal accounts of stars who believe they have experienced the other side … Continue reading

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Mr Ray’s Hair Weave

Hi, I’m Mr. Ray: He’s a television legend in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Yes, it’s Mr. Ray of Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave, the Bawlmerese-accented pitchman who famously rebuffed John Waters’ entreaty to narrate Pink Flamingos (forcing Waters to instead … Continue reading

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