The Last Day of Haussner’s

By Bill McAllen,

“Last winter, I had heard that in a upcoming episode of the hit television show Mad Men, Don Draper and crew were coming to Baltimore to wine and dine the big wigs at London Fog with dinner at the long-gone landmark, Haussner’s Restaurant, in Highlandtown.

I had gone there a couple of times with my family when my dad would take us. We posed as business clients, and he sent the tab in on the old expense account.

Haussner’s was an interesting place and always overwhelming with the eclectic art and tomb-like menu.

The depiction of Haussner’s on Mad Men was of the standard fancy joint that we see on television. Dark and fancy, yes, but not close to the real deal.

I had in my files some photos that I had taken for Style Magazine back in 1999, on the last day the place was open. I had not looked at them since the article ran.”

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  1. Bill,
    My name is Marc Summerfield. I am requesting permission to use the “Last Days of Haussner’s” photograph is this article for a memoir I plan to publish. Thanks in advance for considering. Marc
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