The B-more Butt Lift

“I would like to have the Brazilian Butt Lift, but I can’t commit to not sitting on my buttocks for 3 weeks. Is there another option?”

The B’more Butt Lift is a brand new procedure which was developed by Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez. It is named in recognition of his practice location, Baltimore, and the desire for women to enhance the buttocks they already have – B’MORE BUTT LIFT.

Dr. Rodriguez developed the B’more Butt Lift as an alternative to the wildly popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, which he has been performing for many years. The Brazilian Butt Lift is still the procedure of choice to get the maximum augmentation of your buttocks and create a sensual sculpted body profile.

Some patients cannot spare the three week recovery period needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift. The B’more Butt Lift has a quicker recovery time, 7-10 days, comparable to liposuction. This is preferable for the person whose work or family obligations impose time limitations.

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