“Hon” Registered as Federal Trademark!

Unclean! Unclean!

by Andrea Appleton, Baltimore City Paper, 12/9/2010

Credit: Honfest.net via Citypaper.com

“She’s finally gone and done it.

Not satisfied with having Disney-fied Hampden, Denise Whiting—owner of Café Hon and creator of Honfest—is going national. She has registered the word “hon” as a federal trademark, according to an article in the Baltimore Messenger. As the self-proclaimed owner of the word, Whiting has a licensing agreement with the Maryland Transit Administration to use “hon” in its ad campaign for fare cards.

Somebody better tell all those working-class women who created the term that it’s time to send in their dues.”

Continue reading post and comments (and you must read the comments!) at Baltimore City Paper.

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4 Responses to “Hon” Registered as Federal Trademark!

  1. Tricia, hon! says:

    DISGUSTING! Thanks for taking some of the charm out of the city I love. Old wench.
    Hon is the people of Baltimore, created by them, popularized by them, owed by all!

  2. Stan M says:

    I have been addressed as “Hon” by waitresses all across the continent. This term of endearment is not unique to Baltimore, regardless what the various scammers will claim. And I am frankly offended by the mocking tone of Whitman’s whole shtick.

  3. Michael says:

    So “Hon” was filed back in 2006 and no one opposed it in 2007 so she got the right to use it. This is a Baltimore term and should not have allowed to be registered and Baltimore should appeal and ask for a review of the filing and then claim it themselves. The term “Hon” has been around a lot longer then she has been. Hamden or Baltimore should have the rights to it and all royalties should be donated to a charity in the limits of that city.

  4. samuel says:

    I think I want to trade mark the name Denise Whiting and have it printed in all the bottom of all urinals and toilets in Baltimore for taking a term of endearment from all of us southern folk.

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