Luke Scott Shoots Off His Mouth

Luke and the Pot Shot Heard 'Round the World

The infamous interview – straight from the straight shooter’s mouth…

Luke Scott blasts Obama:

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10 Responses to Luke Scott Shoots Off His Mouth

  1. Ed Linton says:

    What a DICK.Fortunately I don’t give a rats ass about the O’s.

  2. I love the O’s. I hope they trade him.

  3. Ed Linton says:

    He should play door stop.

  4. Robyn Webb says:

    yes, sadly. wotta putz.

  5. Janet Ramsay says:

    He’s an ass. I don’t even know where MY birth certificate is!

  6. Maybe next time he does something at the Yard and everybody chants Luuuuuuke so that is sounds like booing it will actually be booing.

  7. Eric Rose says:

    Somebody paid this creep in Palin vouchers

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