From The Land Of Pleasant Living

By Dana D. (Drinking Made Easy, 1/20/2011)

Local culture is always dynamic. Every place has its flair and flavor that more often than not, remains within the city limits, only venturing beyond through word-of-mouth stories or the occasional visitor bringing back a little piece to their home base. Beverages make up a large portion of this. The varieties are expansive, but a few break out of the six-pack and reach the next level of local notoriety whether for their taste, branding, price or marketing.

Down by the Chesapeake Bay lies a small town called Baltimore. Ok, it’s not really a small town, but it does have it’s share of local fantastic. From crabs to pit beef, Baltimore has its fair share of cuisine that will definitely whet the whistle. But what to match all that deliciousness with? Well, Baltimore came up with a pretty good solution. The result is National Bohemian Beer, also better known by it’s moniker “Natty Boh.”

Natty Boh first made it’s way onto the scene way back in 1885, brewed by the National Brewing Company. It’s a light pilsner beer with a clean, crisp taste and, although not an exceptional beer by any means, it’s extremely easy to drink in any setting. Tastiness goes a long way. And there’s nothing quite like cracking open a nice chilled beer to kick back and relax, no matter what the season. Finding a good beer that can be a good pinch hitter for that general mood can be quite a task. But Natty Boh serves its purpose well, from the bar to the backyard.

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