Marty Bass Recounts The Loss Of His Toupee

(Stoop Storytelling Series, 2/9/2006)

WJZ-TV morning host Marty Bass recounts his story of failure: the loss of his toupee.

Listen to “Legends of the Fall” at Baltimore’s Stoop Storytelling Series.

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4 Responses to Marty Bass Recounts The Loss Of His Toupee

  1. Jon Noar says:

    I knew the people at WJZ involved with this event very well. He is LYING big time about the events around losing his hair!! He was suspended from the station until his solicitation for prostitution near Patterson Park was resolved. In fact he had to really compromise (beg) to keep his job.

    Under extreme conditions & probation he returned to air months later. But, in order for him to show how humbled he was, it was decided that removing his toupee would accomplish that to a certain amount. However, I do not know if that was his choice or a must as part of the deal!

    Conclusion: How much of the rest of the story is true??

  2. I like watching Marty… I think he’s a great Baltimore icon but he drives my Baltimore Or Less/Atomic TV cohort Tom Warner absolutely insane. Our battles over the merits of Marty are as epic as the old Saturday Night Live “Point/Counterpoint” skits. I think you are absolutely right about Marty’s “image change.”

  3. Victoria May says:

    I have met Marty Bass in person many years ago at a nightclub and he bought me and other girls drinks. I have been watching WJZ-TV for about 35 years now. I feel like I have grown up with all the people on the show. I absolutely love Don Scott. He seems to be very down to earth and a good “family man.” I remember when Denise Koch was pregnant with her twin girls and people before that. Marty Bass seems more like a phony than real. So with his “be sharp and be natural” isn’t all that true coming from him. I think he spends more time being someone he’s not instead of being natural.

    A truly WJZ-TV Listener

  4. Marty once responded to Tom Warner’s epic rant and wanted to buy Tom Warner drinks… I am still waiting for that day. History will be made over drinks when those two great minds meet.

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