Picnic Halted As Jealous Man Murders Pal at Turkey Point, 1939

(The Afro-American, 8/2/1930)

20-Year-Old Youth is Nearly Decapitated by Friend.

What was intended to be a happy event when a number of former high school students gave a bathing party, was turned into tragedy when Robert Turner, 20, 2102 Division Street, was nearly decapitated with a weapon by his chum and classmate, Leonard Smith, 1300 block Presstman Street, Sunday.

The two men with several others went to Turkey Point on the Back River Neck for a bathing party early Sunday afternoon. The group consisting mostly of former high school students were having a jovial time when Smith and Turner engaged in an altercation, said by police to have been over a Miss Della Thomas. Smith drew a knife and started slashing at Turner, who attempted to escape the fury of the man. With a swiping slash Smith struck Turner across the throat with the knife nearly decapitating him.

Rushed 20 Miles, Dead

The party was thrown in an uproar over the tragedy. The Essex police were called and had the injured man transferred to the Baltimore City Hospital, twenty miles from the shore, where he was pronounced dead.

Essex police authorities treated the matter with considerable secrecy and failed to disclose the major facts involved in the fatal quarrel. Smith is being held by the county officers on charge of murder pending a coroner’s investigation.

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