Cloris Wears, Frozen in 3500 lbs. of Ice, 1939

“On 8/8/39, at Bay Shore Amusement Park, Cloris Wears was frozen in 3500 lbs of ice for 17 minutes, as part of the festivities for a Walkathon. (Afterwards, she spent more than 125 minutes in the restroom.)” North Point State Park’s “Fun Facts”

Carousel At Bay Shore Amusement Park, 1913

Bird’s Eye View of Bay Shore Park, Near Baltimore, Maryland

“Dear Mother,
We went out to bay Shore one evening from Baltimore. “We” raise gooseberries and asparagus for the city market here at Woods. We just sent off three crates of asparagus this morning. About fifty pickers picked a thousand pounds of gooseberries last week.

Much love, Olivia.”

Maryland’s Amusement Parks
From Ferris wheels to roller coasters to tunnels of love, everyone has a favorite amusement park memory. For nearly 130 years, many of those memories have been made at Maryland’s amusement parks.
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