RIP, Brian Jack

Child’s Play Vocalist Brian Jack Has Passed Away

(By Dana, Eddie

(Brian Giacubeno, August 16, 1965 - April 17, 2012)

Reports coming out of Baltimore, Maryland reveal that Child’s Play vocalist Brian Jack has died. No details on the cause of death have been stated as of yet.

Former Child’s Play bandmate and drummer John Allen posted the following on Facebook, “I am completely shocked and saddened by the death of Brian Jack. He was one of the most gifted, charismatic artists I have ever had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. He along with the rest of the guys were the brothers I never had. I will miss him incredibly.”

Currently playing with the Charm City Devils, Allen will dedicate their April 21st show in Towson, Maryland to Brian Jack. “He was loved by many and it would be nice for everyone to be together again”, says Allen. “So come out to Recher with your love and memories of one of the greatest frontmen/singer/artist that Baltimore has ever seen.”

Mickey Cucchiella, co-host of the Mickey, Amelia & Spiegel morning show on Baltimore’s 98Rock, corroborated the news by saying, “It is with a very heavy heart that I can confirm this tragic loss. Brian Jack was one of the greatest and most talented singers this town ever produced. I will miss you my friend.”

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Brian Jack’s grave. Photo by Michael Hicks.

Child’s Play “Rat Race” Video

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8 Responses to RIP, Brian Jack

  1. RO says:

    Sad day for people who were fans of Brian’s; he will be missed!

  2. justinhayward says:

    ~To BRIAN JACK” THE CHILD THAT PLAYED”~ To my beloved Buddy Brian, What could i say that hasn’t been thought of 0r said. Thank you for Entertaining us so well. You were one of the Best, a Master at this.~ Thats just what U loved doing so much.~ I will always remember the Great friendship we had, & all the great times you & I had together, weather we were together singing on stage 0r hanging out chillin, 0r around town” Hunting da Foxes” as we would say to each other at times And,as so many other people here in Baltimore, & thru the country. will know and remember his Kindness to everyone, & that he would Always would have a Smile for you.~ “Dude, Im Gonna Miss U Big time Buddy” Thank You Brian for all the Love you have given to this world. I hope you left us knowning how some of us returned that Love.~~ You are going to be Sorely Missed my Friend. My deepest Sympathy to Gundy & Roy. Peaceout BRIAN,Peaceout,

  3. TERRY DRIVER says:

    You will be sadly missed. Many years have sailed by but the memorys will last forever!
    God Bless you in heaven and take care of your family. with love

  4. mike harold says:

    brian buddy you will be missed by many but your voice will never be forgoten!just heard the news this weekend while working security at a concert and made it a very sad weekend for me. for friends and family i want to tell a story that will hopefully put a little smile on your faces on such a sad situation . when the boys signed thier record release i was working at hammerjacks and was hired to work security on the lady baltimore that day . after that day jack dean hired me and my best friend donnell to work personal security for the guys. well you know brian just got a kick out of that (you know,having his own bodyguard) especially considering that i grew up going to see them at network on teen night with my best friend from highschool jimbo and now a few years later iam working for him. well one night the guys were playing in george towne and brian was hungry so i walked him across the street to little tavern to get something to eat.well will in there some older lady working behind the counter was singing and you know brian had to join thing i know everyone in there was around us and then brian started acting up and had everyone laughing including the lady working there.and later that night during the set brian jokeingly almost started a smll riot by telling everyone that he had not one but two bodyguards and he could have who ever he wanted thrown out (ha,ha).and thats the brian i will always remember .he also treated me and others good when a lot of people in music did not. and i say that about all the guys in the band at that time.those were great memories that ill never forget . sadly in the last 10 years i have lost probaly more than 20 friends and family and my buddy jimbo who turned me on to childs play was one of them two years ago. so as i sit here listening to “wind ” as a tear rolls down my face i hope i made someone smile and thanks for letting me tell my story of some great memories. and to the family of brian i am truly sorry!!!

  5. hope its not drugs or alchol says:

    hope it’s natural causes and not self induced like many rock stars do.

  6. Gary Rouse says:


  7. Liesl says:

    Too bad, Trump seems to have stolen Brian’s girlfriend and he was murdered with herion. I know why. Brian seemed like a nice guy, so did Kevin Buclkly. Polar ice cap melts are really bad though. So is homelessness and displacing inuit in green land for realestate profiteering asbestos deals poisoned children and rape and pedohilia. aids genocide, the opiod crisis, school shootings, crystal meth and violations of civil rights and the laws meant to prevent and protect the citizens of the us, the shores where Brian grew up, the ship yard his dad likely worked for and his job and safety and the fish supply in the bay we all love to eat especially crabs which do not craw around in peoples underpants. and local healthy clams to eat are much more useful than cell phone so we don’t all starve to death. Get it? I do and I say so because I care. Liesl

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