“America’s Got Talent” Features Daring Stunt By Baltimore Escape Artist Spencer Horsman

By Sam Sessa (The Baltimore Sun 5/30/2012)

Baltimore magician (and self-proclaimed “world’s youngest escape artist”) Spencer Horsman slipped out of a straightjacket and avoided almost certain death on last night’s episode of “America’s Got Talent.”

Horsman, a 26-year-old who runs the South Baltimore bar Illusions with his father, had “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon strap him into a straight-jacket. He then hung upside down, between a set of metal jaws with nasty looking spikes, held open by a rope. The rope was set afire, and Horsman had a minute and 20 seconds to escape before the jaws clamped shut on him.

“Do not try this at home,” Cannon warned as Horsman’s escape began. “This is crazy.”

With the clock ticking and Horsman squirming in his straight-jacket, the judges cringed, recoiled and squealed, afraid they’d have a mess to clean up in a few moments. Horsman escaped in the nick of time.

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