Baltimore Pastor’s Wife Launched John Waters’ Hitchhiking Trip

By Jill Rosen (The Baltimore Sun 5/30/2012)

Sarah Finlayson’s morning routine is fairly set. Wake up early. Workout with a trainer. Call her twin sister.

Picking up a hitchhiking John Waters? That’s not part of it. Yet the minister’s wife from Baltimore stopped her Lexus for the filmmaker and gets the credit for launching his cross-country hitchhiking journey.

Finlayson, who’s a 59-year-old wife and mother, was driving down Charles Street, heading home from her workout and chatting on the car phone with her twin sister who lives in Jersey.

As she approached the intersection of Northern Parkway, she thought she saw what she calls “a beggar” peddling with a sign on the corner. But a closer look made her think twice.

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