National Enquirer: “John Waters NOT Dead!”

By Dick Siegel (The National Enquirer, 3/7/2013)


Acclaimed filmmaker cult icon JOHN WATERS is DEAD – but is he? He’s NOT, The ENQUIRER happily reports.

Social media erupts after a report surfaced online saying John Waters was dead, The Baltimore Sun said.

Trying to make a name for themselves (and evidently succeeding) so-called news org National Report published a would-be obit for the self-proclaimed King of Sleaze with the header: “Acclaimed Cult Filmmaker, John Waters … Drops Dead at 67!”

The report said he was found dead — apparently of natural causes in his Baltimore home amidst his vast treasure trove of America’s trashiest and most iconoclastic collectibles including paintings by serial killer John Wayne Gacy and rare back issues of The NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Continue reading “John Waters Not Dead!” at The National Enquirer.


Zombie Vanessa and John Waters

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