CrabTowne USA — The Real Pinball Wizard

(Directed by Jeff Krulik, Edited by Greg DeLiso)

Tom Hintenach is THE REAL PINBALL WIZARD. He’s kept over 100 vintage arcade video games and pinball machines in working order for many years, at CrabTowne USA in Glen Burnie, MD. Produced from footage originally shot for the Emmy Award winning MPT original production Eatin’ Crabs, Chesapeake Style, this short takes you back when video arcade games and pinball machines ruled the world! And at CrabTowne USA they still do.


  • Video arcade keeps Pac-ing them in: At Crab Towne in Glen Burnie, a collection of vintage arcade video games is like taking a trip back in time. Just don’t forget your quarters — The Baltimore Sun
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2 Responses to CrabTowne USA — The Real Pinball Wizard

  1. Mark Bartholome says:

    This place looks like heaven to me.

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