Fan throws banana at Oriole Adam Jones in San Francisco

Jones shares on Twitter that a fan threw a banana in his direction in center field

By Nate Scott (USA Today, 8/12/2013)


USP MLB: BOSTON RED SOX AT BALTIMORE ORIOLES S BBA USA MDAfter Sunday night’s 10-2 Orioles win over the San Francisco Giants, Baltimore outfielder Adam Jones went on Twitter to say that a fan at the Giants’ AT&T Park had thrown a banana towards him in the outfield.

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FOLLOWUP: Adam Jones calls banana incident ‘unfortunate’ and says he wants to move on

By Eduardo A. Encina (The Baltimore Sun, 8/12/2013)

PHOENIX — A day after posting a tweet saying a banana was thrown toward him during Sunday’s game in San Francisco, Orioles center fielder Adam Jones tried to move on from the incident.
In the bottom of the ninth inning of the Orioles’ 10-2 win over the Giants at AT&T Park, Jones said a banana was on the ground in center field near him. Witnesses said Jones calmly picked up the banana and laid it over the center field fence.

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2 Responses to Fan throws banana at Oriole Adam Jones in San Francisco

  1. John says:

    Adam Jones is a class act and I continue to be a fan…It is beyond me that someone would show both him and his race such disrespect. Aren’t we as a society beyond this kind of stuff…Just remember Adam, your a better man for taking the high road…

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