1966 Baltimore Orioles Batboy Picked up Bats and Balls with Metal Hooks


WHATEVER HAPPENED TO … ? O’s batboy Jay Mazzone

Nearly 40 years ago, Jay Mazzone was the most famous batboy in the major leagues.

By Jacques Kelly (The Baltimore Sun, 7/28/2007)

As a 12-year-old, he joined the Orioles in that magical season of 1966 when they won their first World Series. He captured the attention of the national news media as he picked up bats and balls with metal hooks attached to his limbs. As a 2-year-old, he lost his hands after his snowsuit caught fire.

“I met presidents Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon,” he said the other night from his Parkton home, where he lives with his wife, Bobbie.

The sportswriters liked what they saw. “He does everything that a boy his age with hands can do, and he does it better than most,” a Sun reporter wrote in 1966. As batboy for visiting teams, he worked Sandy Koufax’s last game.

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Hooked Up

By Paul Lukas (Uni Watch, 1/15/2013)

“Reader Bruce Menard recently clued me in regarding a chapter from fairly recent MLB history that I hadn’t been aware of. It involves a guy named Jay Mazzone, who worked as a batboy for the Orioles in the late 1960s. The unusual thing about Mazzone is that he’d lost his hands when he was two years old after his snow suit caught on fire, so he used metal hooks in lieu of fingers. This certainly made him an unusual sight on the field.”

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