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“Bal-tee-more? Where’s that?”
— Tony Montana, SCARFACE

Baltimore archivists and researchers Tom Warner and Scott Huffines document their obsessive fascination with their beloved hometown on Baltimoreorless.com. Lifelong denizens of “The Land of Pleasant Living,” they feel obligated to preserve oddball minutiae about “Charm City” that they and few others care to remember.

Warner and Huffines are also the instigators behind the award-winning and highly unwatchable public access cable show Atomic TV, “A Media Maxi-Pad absorbing the continual flow of Pop Culture,” which in its heyday attracted tens of viewers on Baltimore City Cable.

Scott and Tom are both Simpsons wannabes:

ScottSimpsonsStyle    rsz_tomsimpsonsstyle

They are also both Parochial Educators in the Universal Life Church.


Contact Tom and Scott at info @ baltimoreorless . com.


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