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Edgar Allan Poe, Interior Design Critic

What scared the author of ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’? Bad design. By Jimmy Stamp (, 2/19/2014) In Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “Landor’s Cottage,” the author paints an idealized picture of his own New York Cottage. He describes the building in painstaking–some might even … Continue reading

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The Death and Burial of Edgar Allan Poe

(Maryland Historical Society, 10/22/2015) The mysterious death of writer Edgar Allan Poe still haunts and fascinates his fans and biographers. The facts of his untimely passing in 1849 have been obscured and confused since he was found barely conscious in … Continue reading

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Mandy from Animal House recites Edgar Allan Poe

From the National Lampoon 1964 Yearbook parody. Amanda Peppridge later became “Mandy” in “Animal House.” “Bluto’s Midnight Peep”

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Edgar Allan Poe Sculpture by Colin Batty

The Tell-Tale Heart, in Poe’s hands. Colin Batty’s latest sculpture, available exclusively at the Peculiarium. Be quick. There were only 12 made and they are signed and numbered by the artist.

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