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Gray And Blue Jews Of The Civil War

By Yonatan Grossman-Boder (Baltimore Jewish Times, 4/13/2012) Passover was just around the corner that spring in 1862 when J.A. Joel, like so many other Jews, sought fixings for his seder. But it was a little harder for Joel, who was … Continue reading

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Civil War Mummy Arm Moves to Frederick Museum

Arm of the Unknown Soldier: A Friendly Wave (By, 2/29/2012) It’s been years since we last glimpsed the Arm of the Unknown Soldier, a grisly Civil War relic displayed in a box at the long-gone Antietam Battlefield Museum in … Continue reading

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“The Flight of Abraham” (Lincoln), March 9th, 1861

By the International Team of Comics Historians (1.) THE ALARM. “On Thursday night, after he had retired, Mr. Lincoln was aroused, and informed that a stranger desired to see him on a matter of life and death. A conversation elicited … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln Inauguration Not Assured Until He Gave Baltimore Assassins the Slip

Evading Baltimore assassins earned vitriol, and the chance to fight another day. By Geoff Brown (U.S.News & World Report, 2/26/2009) When president-elect Barack Obama walked down the steps of Baltimore’s War Memorial on Jan. 17, 2009, to deliver a speech … Continue reading

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