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The Death and Burial of Edgar Allan Poe

(Maryland Historical Society, 10/22/2015) The mysterious death of writer Edgar Allan Poe still haunts and fascinates his fans and biographers. The facts of his untimely passing in 1849 have been obscured and confused since he was found barely conscious in … Continue reading

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Plug Uglies: The Gang with Their Own City

By Nick Dupree (, 4/11/2012) “…The Plug Uglies grew and grew to be the most powerful and feared club of nativist thugs in history, the term “plug ugly” itself becoming genericized to mean any such stovepipe hat-wearing street tough. While … Continue reading

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A Chowder Feast

(Baltimore Sun, 8/20/1842) A party of gentlemen left our city on Thursday morning at an early hour, for the shores of Back River, with the determination of having an old fashioned chowder dinner, of which so much has been said … Continue reading

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The Telegraph Has Arrived: “Time and Space Has Been Completely Annihilated”

By Rebecca J. Rosen (The Atlantic, 2/14/2012) There have been many, many times over the last few decades when a new technology delivered a certain moment of awe: the first time I saw a video stream over the Internet, or … Continue reading

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