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Udo Lindenberg – “Baltimore”

Ivan Doroschuk from “Men Without Hats” posted this song on Facebook this morning. It’s Randy Newman’s song “Baltimore” covered by German musician Udo Lindenberg. The lyrics are in German — I ran them through a German-to-English translator and out popped … Continue reading

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Baltimore: A Muse for Many

By Sam Sessa (Baltimore Sun, 3/4/2008) Baltimore has been many a musician’s muse over the years. Today, the indie rock group Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks release their latest album, Real Emotional Trash. Malkmus was the primary singer and songwriter … Continue reading

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My City, ‘Tis of Thee

SWEET TOWN OF MISERY, OF THEE I SING (originally posted in Accelerated Decrepitude, 10/5/2005) I’m trying to compile a list of how my hometown is representin’…in the world of music. Yes, yes, we all have heard Randy Newman’s uplifting portrait … Continue reading

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