Grape Ape Redux

His fans are legion. In fact, many of his fans have lesions.

Federal Hill’s legendary bare-chested, beer-guzzling, Led Zep-loving blowhard “Grape Ape” appeared countless times on Atomic TV, including ATV’s first-ever episode in July 1997 and he later dispensed dating advice (and lamented the passing of Zep drummer John Bonham) on the “Dating Do’s & Don’ts” episode. Rumor has it that this fellow in dire need of a wife-beater to cover his gi-normous beer-belly appeared on a domestic abuse episode of The Jerry Springer Show as a wife-beater.

Atomic TV scheduled a “Grape Ape Karoake Tribute” as part of a live taping program at the old Ottobar on Davis Street but ’twas a great idea that never panned out…mainly because “Grape Ape” either died, got drunk, or was incarcerated. Who knows? The other two Baltimore legends depicted on the flyer, Garage Sale and The Rockstars, live on. Always. In our hearts and souls…

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