Baltimore’s “Bishop Barry Bug Scrunching Whole House $99.00 Special”

The best “Best Of” in the City Paper’s Best Of Baltimore 2010 ish – and one of the few awards that DIDN’T go to yet another hipster store-bar-boutique in Hampden, hipster bar-performance space in the Station North Arts District, or fringe experimental filmmaker whose work no one has seen. It can happen!

Baltimore City Paper’s 2010 “Best of Baltimore”

Best viral video: Jesus Christ Bail Bonds
12 S. Calvert St., 2nd floor, (410) 292-3029,

Locked up and afraid? Jesus Christ Bail Bonds has the salvation you need. In the 2009 TV commercial (viewable at, Bishop Barry wears a zoot suit and speaks into a gold microphone in what appears to be the closet R. Kelly spent so much time in. A man in a gold suit yells “Bail out! Bail out!” after everything the Bishop says with a smirk that says, Let’s do something that would make baby Jesus blush. The JCBB commercial was featured on Web Soup (the even less-renowned spin-off of Talk Soup hosted by that guy from Singled Out) in the process of going semi-viral. And if nothing else, it offers an answer to the question WWJD if he got arrested?

(Thanks to Sean Carton for pointing us towards frankmarchant’s Youtube channel.)
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