Everyman Art Collector

[Note: Erstwhile Atomic TV cameraman Chris Jensen of Jensen Plumbing Service was profiled in this month’s Urbanite magazine; kudos and courtesy flushes to Chris! The photo below of Jensen’s “Negativity Scene” – a Christmas nativity scene that adds space aliens – sits atop his Charles Village abode and is one of our favorite local Roadside Attractions!)

Colorful Charles Village plumber covers his house with art

by Brennen Jensen (Urbanite, 9-3-2010)

Chris Jensen grew up appreciating art, thanks to boyhood visits to Haussner’s — the much-missed Highlandtown eatery whose walls were famously chockablock with canvases — and time spent with his late uncle Jack Butler, a painter who owned a gallery in Mt. Vernon. Ultimately, Jensen (no relation) picked up a pipe wrench, not a paintbrush. He’s a plumber by trade. But when not snaking out a sewer line, he pursues his interest in art through collecting.

Jensen’s trim Charles Village home brims with more than a hundred framed paintings and sculptures. Works spill down the stairway walls and crowd a small bathroom. Art abounds, and little of it of the mass-produced reproduction variety.

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