John Waters & Thee Katatonix on TV

“Shakedown,” Baltimore WJZ-TV Channel 13, 1985

Thee Katatonix

Thee Katatonix – “Ordinary Sunday” (Urbanity)

John Waters appeared as a special guest on this episode of Shakedown.

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4 Responses to John Waters & Thee Katatonix on TV

  1. hey where’s the video from Zappafest?

  2. Tom Warner says:

    As Morrissey would say…These Things Take Time!

  3. MaryAnne Tom says:

    Yeah, where’s the vid from Zappafest? LOL. Did you get my long ass vm, Tom? Wait a minute…I was on that “Shakedown” show that year. LOL. Small world.

  4. Tom Warner says:

    @MaryAnne Tom…yes, got message, dunno wha happened, but no worries…You were on Shakedown? Small world indeed!

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