Rolling Stones in Baltimore – 40 Years later

By Sam Sessa (Baltimore Sun, November 27, 2009)

This week in 1969, the Rolling Stones performed a sold-out show at the Baltimore Civic Center (now called the 1st Mariner Arena).

Now, 40 years later, here is The Baltimore Sun’s recount of the show. There were fistfights and at least one karate chop to the throat, but somehow, no one was arrested. Oh, and the Stones played.

Rolling Stones Rock Civic Center
The shrieks of thousands of young females filled the Civic Center last night as the Rolling Stones, the English rock group, brought their brand of the electric apocalypse to Baltimore.

Mick Jagger, the head Rolling Stone, pranced out on the stage dressed in a red scarf, silver collar and a black costume amid the hysterical roar of the 13,000 persons who filled the Center to capacity …

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2 Responses to Rolling Stones in Baltimore – 40 Years later

  1. Bonnie Howard says:

    I was there along with my sister Charleen Arturi. . The Baltimore Sun had taken her picture and put it in the paper. She was dressed in a “granny dress (blond hair all done up and long earrings of the day). Do you know of anyway I can look for that picture??

    Thank you
    Bonnie Arturi Howard

    • I was there as well. They closed the curtain for about 15 mins because a member of the audience in the first row, which I was in , stormed the stage to get Mick’s marracas! I was so excited to be in the first row. The Baltimore Sun posted a photo of me reaching out to Mick and sitting beside my boyfriend. I wonder if I can get a copy of that newspaper photo. It was the first time I saw them…I had also seen the Beatles at the same Baltimore Civic Center…A part of the British Invasion…I was 13 and I went with my friend and her mom and grandmom…We breathed the same air as the Beatles, is what we kept saying.

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