Mr Ray’s Hair Weave

Hi, I’m Mr. Ray:

He’s a television legend in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Yes, it’s Mr. Ray of Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave, the Bawlmerese-accented pitchman who famously rebuffed John Waters’ entreaty to narrate Pink Flamingos (forcing Waters to instead attempt a Mr. Ray homage as Pink Flamingo’s narrator “Mr. Jay”).

Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave:

1985 commercial for Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave in Silver Spring, Maryland

Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave Commercial Baltimore, Maryland 1980’s:

Commercial for Mr. Ray’s Hair Weave, a now defunct establishment that was in its prime during the 1980’s. Ghetto fabulous or fabulously ghetto? Back by popular demand.

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3 Responses to Mr Ray’s Hair Weave

  1. Kevin says:

    I also miss the old commercial for “Every Man’s Son”
    Check, check, check it out…”

  2. Harold Cook says:

    Please call me at 301-218-6177 I need some hair replacement

  3. Big Ronnie says:

    please mail me a new catalog to attention of Ronny@ St. James Cathedral Kitchen/902 Columbia Avenue/Seattle, WA 98102

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