Mink Stole Unwraps a Holiday Role at Creative Alliance

By Larry Perl, Baltimore Messenger, 12/08/2010

Actress Mink Stole has friends who have no idea what kinds of roles she plays or the nature of the movies that have defined her career.

“I realize if they had seen the movies, they probably wouldn’t have become my friends,” said Stole, who has appeared in all of the feature films made by John Waters, known as “the pope of trash.”

This is after all a woman who hurled epithets at Kathleen Turner in a courtoom in “Serial Mom” and ran over a dog in the road in “Desperate Living.”

The dog, Stole is quick to point out, was aleady dead and donated by a laboratory at Johns Hopkins University

“I mean, I didn’t kill the dog,” she said indignantly, drinking coffee in The Evergreen, a cafe on West Cold Spring Lane.

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