Towson University’s WTMD Issues “Hon” Statement

A Statement from our GM about the Trademarking of the word Hon
by Stephen Yasko, WTMD General Manager (12/12/2010)

WTMD doesn’t often wander into commenting on news stories or sticking our nose into other people’s business, but as the outrage grows over Denise Whiting’s trademarking of the word “Hon,” some of us at the station can’t get it out of our heads. We keep trying to figure out why we, and thousands of others, feel anger and contempt for Ms. Whiting, owner of Café Hon in Hampden.

Ms. Whiting is certainly within her right to try and grow a business, build a brand and serve her customers. But what angers people most is she is using a concept that predates her restaurant. Ms. Whiting didn’t invent the Baltimore Hon. The images, emotions and memories encapsulated in these three letters are the very heart and soul of our city.

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