F. Scott Fitzgerald Gets Drunk With Future Game Show Host, Jumps Out Of Car And Hides In Bush Near (Uncle) Francis Scott Key’s Monument

“…Fitzgerald moved to 1307 Park Avenue in Bolton Hill, not far from the monument to his famous ancestor, Francis Scott Key.

One night on his way home, according to historian Frank Shivers, a drunk Fitzgerald jumped out of the car in which he was riding as it approached the Key monument and hid in some nearby bushes. When the driver (a young Garry Moore, who later became a radio and television star) asked what he was doing, Fitzgerald said, “Shhh! I don’t want [Uncle] Frank [Francis Scott Key] to see me this way!””


Read more at The Baltimore Literary Heritage Project.

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Bonus! Garry Moore and  The Famous Stroganoff Incident on To Tell The Truth:

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